Rivet/Dent Tools(series 3)

Yard Sign Tools(series 4)

Rivet/Dent Tool.  Links to video
Yard Sign Tool links to video
The Rivet/Dent Tools and Yard Sign Tools are very similar to each other.  The only difference is that the Rivet/Dent tools have a 3/8" thick padded edge with felt for going over obstacles. The Yard Sign Tools have a cotton covered edge for laminating.

These tools are for use on small signs that don't require that the graphic to be rolled up for easier handling.  Their light weight and slim design make it easy to work with on small signs and vertical surfaces.  Both  Rivet/Dent Tools and Yard Sign Tools come in sizes 14", 20",  26" & 32".

The narrow felt edge on both tools will apply masking, vinyl and laminate.
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