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Demonstrating covering a dance floor.  A job that normally took 3 days was done in less than a day. (same as Home page)
How it works
I would like to thank all those satisfied customers and distributors for their time to produce these videos.  It is a treat to see so many customers that are so excited about a tool that they want to share it with everyone.   These videos are mostly of the plastic tools.  The new aluminum tools will do the same job but are easier to use.   The new tools are so much better that we have discontiued making the plastic tools.
Customer demonstrating mass production of yard signs
Application of very thin laminate.  One of the 1st customer made videos. Warning: use of colorful languge
1st time laminating.
Mounting a preasure sensitive vinyl print.
Mounting posters on self adhesive mounting board.
A more experienced customer laying a pressure sensitive vinyl print.  Watch the times on this one.
Using a jig to mass produce signs.  Mounting vinyl on aluminum sign blanks.
Mask and mount Cut vinyl
This is the very1st time I tried to use the big squeegee on a large sign.  After showing it a few times I got a request to slow it down so that they could see what was happening.  Unfortunatly, everyone slowed down as well.
Request your favorite video.  Mail to:  dale@bigsqueegee.com
There are many more videos made by customers, distributors and by the manufacturer.  This small selection has been selected to help you determine what tools you need and to show samples of what customers are doing.

Introduction to the aluminum Big Squeegee.  There have been some changes since this was filmed.
The aluminum tools can be joined together to make longer tools.  It also has mounting capabilities for attachments like roll holders and a take up roll for backing