There are five styles and many sizes of the Big Squeegee to fit the needs of most sign shops.
Laminator Tool  Click to see video

The Laminator Tool comes in sizes 26", 32", 38", 44", 50", 56" & 64".  It is primarily used for working with prints and laminate.  It will mount cut vinyl but is not designed for the application of masking/application/transfer tape.

The laminator tool has a roll holder for holding rolled up materials to make them easier to handle.  This tool is used for graphics that are otherwise too long to handle unless they are rolled up. 

A handle is not standard with the Laminator Tools.  However, an extension handle can be fitted to the Laminator Tools. The handle is removable and comes with two sets of extensions.  The extensions are 2' and 4 foot.  The extensions can be used in different combinations to get 1' (no extension) 3', 5' and 7'.  The handle will make the tools more versatile, allowing for one person operation, applying floor graphics while standing up and much more.

The Cut Vinyl Tool looks very much like the Laminator Tool and comes in sizes 26" and 32". The cut vinyl tool is so named because its primary purpose is working with cut vinyl.  It will apply transfer tape both by pushing the roll ahead of the tool or by placing the roll in the roll holder and applied off the back of the tool.  It will work very well with mounting prints and laminates.

This tool is the "jack of all trades" tool because it does it all.

The Rivet/Dent Tools and Yard Sign Tools are very similar to each other.  The only difference is that the Rivet/Dent tools have a padded edge with felt for going over obstacles. The Yard Sign Tools have a cotton covered edge for laminating.

These tools are for use on small signs that don't require that the graphic be rolled up to make them easy to handle.  Their light weight and slim design make it easy to work with on small signs and vertical surfaces.  The Rivet/Dent Tools come in sizes 10", 18", & 26".  The Yard Sign Tools come in sizes 10", 14", 20", 26".

The slim felt edge on both tools will apply masking and vinyl.

The Cradle tool is  light in weight and is pushed without the need to pick it up.  It does very well with masking.  It is made in sizes from 10" to 56".   It is well suited for vertical work.

For a comparison of all the tools go to this video.

Felt edge vs Cotton:  Felt slides across the vinyl easier.  However, the felt can give off a few fibers where the sticky edge of the vinyl comes in contact with the felt.  This may leave fibers along the edge of an install.  In most cases this in not a problem because the edge will get trimmed off anyway.

White felt is often chosen for laminators because the edges are usually white and any fibers will not be obvious if it not trimmed away.  Most of the felt we use now is pressure sensitive so the loose fibers are not as big of a problem.  The original felt was held on with a specially made Velcro® hook product.

The cotton edge has been used for several years and is cleaner to work with.  It can However, collect ink from fresh prints and, if not cleaned off, will dry and harden. 
Yard Sign Tool
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Rivet/Dent Tool.  Links to video
Cut Vinyl Tool.  Dbl click to see video
Yard Sign Tool links to video
Rivet/Dent Tool
Cradle Tool click to see video
Cradle Tool
Cut Vinyl Tool
Laminator Tool
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All of our tools will laminate and mount pressure sensitive vinyl.  The different sizes and types of tools make it possible to choose the right tool for the job.  Each shop will benefit by having a variety of tools to work with. 

The Big Squeegee line of tools can replace the need for a powered laminator in most small shops.  They are a good addition to any shop, even with a powered laminator.  They make it easier to laminate small graphics and can reduce waste by not having to change the roll in the power laminator to do an odd job.  Most small jobs can be done faster and easier with the Big Squeegee then with a roll laminator

All Big Squeegee tools will produce bubble and wrinkle free applications on pressure sensitive vinyl with a minimum amount of experience.  Prints do not need to be pre-masked before application.  Wet application is not necessary and highly discouraged.

The fabrics on all the tools are easy to replace when they get soiled, cut or worn out.  Many of our original tools are still in use after 7 years of production.  Some of them even have the original covering, even though they get used daily.
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Note that we no longer include the DVD with the squeegees.  They are pictured with DVD's here to help show the size of the Tools.  What was on the CD  is now part of what you see on line.