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A complete setup for floor graphics with a 3 pc extension set.
Setup with accessories to use one of the three extensions in a three peace extension set. Accessories are sold separately.
Expanded view of the laminator tool.  All parts shown are included with order.  Wool felt replaces the black felt cover as shown.
Assembled view. 
2 & 3 piece extensions.  Tent pole style with spring clips for easy tool free adjustments
T-handles have 2 positions for your convenience.  You will need to get a T-handle to be able to use the extensions.
Roll holders for keeping the rolls on the laminator tool
This is a kit for the backing take up roll.  You will need to supply 2 drink bottle tops and an empty vinyl core.
Backing take up roll kit instructions
Cut off 2 pop bottle tops as shown above,
Remove the narrow ring.
Push it onto the end cap from kit as shown.  The end cap should fit where the plastic ring was.
Drill an 1/8 inch hole in the center of the lid.
Push the rod through the open side of the lid, thread first.
Replace the cap onto the bottle top as pictured.
Put the assembly on the ends of an empty vinyl core.
Just slip the L's into the slots at the front of the squeegee and your all set to go.

Links for joining 2 tools togeather
Links for joining 2 tools together
Assemble as shown above.  Use a straight edge across the back of the tools to align before final tightening of the set screws.
The links have a standard1/4-20 thread in them so they can be used to attach other things that you may think of that may benefit in an install of vinyl products.  A key ring or belt clip could be attached to the tool so it can attach to your tool belt.  The comfort handle also has a 1/4-20 tapped hole in the plate.
60 inch felt tape will fit both plastic and aluminum laminator tools.
Aluminum Laminator Tools

Attachments and Parts(Aluminum Tools)

Order Aluminum Laminators Tools Here

Sizes from 14" to 66"
Comfort handles, wool felt and plastic covers are included with each aluminum laminator tool.

The wool felt is new .  Older tools did not include wool felt or the plastic cover.  We are offering them here as an upgrade.
Foreign orders are accepted.  All orders go through PayPal. 

To see what the total cost will be, add the items to the shopping cart and add Zip code for shipping cost.
Rivet & Dent Tools

Yard Sign Tools

Accessories and Parts(Plastic tools)

Choose for felt orders only

Rivet/Dent Tool.  Links to video
Yard Sign Tool links to video
More information on R/D & YST
Laminator Tool  Click to see video

The following items have been discontinued.  Close out items are listed for sale
at the bottom of this column

plastic Laminator Tool comes in sizes 26", 32", 38", 44", 50", 56" & 64".  It is primarily used for working with prints and laminate.  It will mount cut vinyl but is not designed for the application of paper masking/application/transfer tape.

The laminator tool has a roll holder for holding rolled up materials to make them easier to handle.  This tool is used for graphics that are otherwise too long to handle unless they are rolled up. 

A handle is standard with Laminator Tools 50" or more in length.  The handle is removable and can be fitted with telescoping extensions.  The handle makes the tools more versatile, allowing for one person operation, applying floor graphics while standing up and much more. 

The Cut Vinyl Tool looks very much like the Laminator Tool and comes in sizes 26" and 32".  The difference between the CVT and LT is that the CVT has more of the flat board sticking out the front of the cradle and has two edges covered in felt(no cotton edge).  The cut vinyl tool is so named because its primary purpose is working with cut vinyl.  It will apply transfer tape both by pushing the roll ahead of the tool or by placing the roll in the roll holder and applied off the back of the tool.  It works well with mounting prints and laminates.

We have a few of the discontinued tools that have been returned from distributors.  They will be added to the list as more get returned and removed as they get sold.
Plastic Cradle, Laminator & Cut Vinyl Tools

Wool felt and covers to replace black felt on older tools. Change number of feet in the shopping cart.

Wool Felt
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