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This is a kit for the backing take up roll.  You will need to supply 2 drink bottle tops and an empty vinyl core.
Backing take up roll kit instructions

Cut off 2 pop bottle tops as shown above,
Remove the narrow ring.
Drill an 1/8 inch hole in the center of the lid.
Push the rod through the open side of the lid, thread first.
Bar set for joining 2 tools together
Assemble as shown above.  Use a straight edge across the back of the tools to align before final tightening of the set screws.
The links have a standard1/4-20 thread in them so they can be used to attach other things that you may think of that may benefit in an install of vinyl products.  A key ring or belt clip could be attached to the tool so it can attach to your tool belt.  The comfort handle also has a 1/4-20 tapped hole in the plate.
LNK set and backing take up kit

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Rivet/Dent Tools(series 3)

Yard Sign Tools(series 4)

Fabric cover materials for series 3 and 4

Rivet/Dent Tool.  Links to video
Yard Sign Tool links to video
More information on R/D & YST

Double Handles
Adjusts to two different lengths(21"& 16" from application edge) as shown.  A T-Handle is required to use extensions as shown below.
Double handles come with a pair of short extensions (extends to 21" from application edge. A 3 piece set of extensions are available or can be ordered as a complete double handle set.   No tools needed to adjust the lengths. Mouse over the picture above to see the complete  set.  The extensions are adjustable to 60", 67", & 74" from the application edge.
T-Handle extensions come in a 3 piece set.  Roll over image to see assembly. The extensions are adjustable to 39", 48", 62", 65", 76" & 80" overall length from application edge to the top of the T- Handle

Roll Holder

Push the bottle top onto the end cap from kit as shown.  The end cap should fit where the plastic ring was.
Replace the cap onto the bottle top as pictured.
Put the assembly on the ends of an empty vinyl core.
Just slip the L's into the slots at the front of the squeegee and your all set to go.

Mouse over photos to see assemly.
Wool Felt
Protective cover
Soft tip fits on the edge of aluminum tools to get more flexibility and smoother applications. Designed for floor graphics.

Soft Edge application cover

Combinations & sets of
Aluminum tools
Complete sets include the size of squeegee selected below, Roll holder,  T-handle for sizes up to 40" or Double handle for tools 46" and above and the extensions for the handle.  It also includes a soft tip.

Move pointer over picture to see the expanded view of the laminator tool.  All parts shown are included with order in single, sets & combinations.
Each size listed in the drop down menu is one piece.  The plastic cover is used to protect the application tip from soil or damage when not in use.
Aluminum Laminator Tools

60 inch felt tape will fit both plastic and aluminum laminator tools.  Also used on the soft tips.

Aluminum laminator tools
Plastic Laminator tools
Plastic laminator tools use all the same attachments as the aluminum version.  They are about 60% lighter in weight.  Comes with a black felt cover on the application edge and a comfort handle.

66" Tool kits are made up of a 58"/8" or 52/14 or 46/20 combination with a bar set to join them.  It also includes a soft tip and double handle
Combination sets allow you to assemble more different lengths of tools to get the best length tools to fit the job size.  They include the links to put them together and soft tips.  T handles and double handles need to be purchased separately to fit the job width.  Comes with 3 comfort handles.

Comfort Handle
Each squeegee comes with a comfort handle except the sets that come with either a T-handle or double handle.  Comfort handles are offered here as extras.