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All orders go through the PayPal system.  You don't need a PayPal membership to use this service.  At checkout you will be given the opportunity to pay with either PayPal or a credit card.  PayPal is faster because you don't have to fill in any shipping information.  Please make sure the address in PayPal is the one you want it sent to.  Any corrections of the address while in transit will cost an additional $15.

We do accept foreign orders.  You will have a chance to choose how you want it sent at checkout.  Keep in mind that first class mail is not  traceable and we can not guaranty delivery.  Please use priority international mail when possible.  UPS may appear to be more cost effective to Canada but keep in mind that UPS may tack on extra charges upon delivery making it the more expensive carrier.
Order Information
It has come to our attention that a pop-up may interfere with the purchasing process.  The most likely cause of this problem could be that you have allowed a price comparison program to use pop-ups in order to do comparison shopping.  You will no doubt find the prices that are being compared with this program to have nothing to do with the product and therefore it only serves as a nuisance.

To get rid of it may take a little effort but you won't be tormented with it again.  In the upper border there will be a name.  Either the name or a symbol next to it will be a link.  You may have to play a little with it.  A right click on the link will bring up a box that has a checked box for enabling their service.  Uncheck the box and close the window.  You can then go back to the shopping cart that is now clear of any pop-ups.
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