"Big Squeegee" is the brand name for all of the tools we make.   Please use the information in this web site for making purchasing decisions.
Lawton, Oklahoma
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Big Squeegee Since 2005
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The Big Squeegee line of tools have been used by professional sign writers world wide for over 10 years.  It is the original design that makes applying large graphics by hand with no bubbles and little experience possible.   

The Big Squeegee can replace the need for a powered laminator in most small shops.  They are a good addition to any shop, even with a powered laminator.  They make it easier to laminate small graphics and can reduce waste by not having to change the roll in the power laminator to do an odd job.  Most small jobs can be done faster and easier with the Big Squeegee then with a roll laminator. 

It is a big plus that the Big Squeegee does not distort the graphics in the same way most roll laminators do.  Roll laminators by design, put more pressure in the middle of the graphic which causes distortion which can return to its original shape and cause failure of the application.

All Big Squeegee tools will produce bubble and wrinkle free applications on pressure sensitive vinyl with a minimum amount of experience.  Prints do not need to be pre-masked before application.  Wet application is not necessary and highly discouraged.

The felt is easy to replace when soiled, cut or worn out.  Many of our original tools are still in use after 10 years of production. 

We carry all repair items to service all the tools we have ever made.

A replaceable edge covering for aluminum tools makes it possible to use it on masking and transfer tape. The aluminum tools are shipped with the plastic covering. The cover slides on and off as needed for applying masking and transfer tape.
Aluminum tools work much the same as the plastic tools.  The main difference between the two in the ability to attach help aides to make the job easier.  The take up roll for rolling up backing material is a plus for the aluminum tools.