Lawton, Oklahoma
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Tool Details
Place the handle on the  longest tool. Bottom photo is  part of the handle that is sold separately.  Photo on the top is the comfort handle that is sent out with each tool.  Each tool gets a plastic cover over the felt tip.  The cover helps to make masking easier.  Remove and replace the plastic cover as needed.
Insert the set screw plates on the end that is to be joined.  These do not need to be tightened until  the adjoining squeegee is in place.  Center the plates in the joint. Check the alignment across the back side of the joined  tools.  Tighten the set screws. 
The plastic handle can be mounted in close or turned around to make it a little longer.  The plastic sleeve  is also used to connect the T-handle to the  extension.  The plastic parts are placed on the smaller diameter tube if only two pieces of extension are used.  The 3 piece extension has a mounting ring on it.  This part of the extension is the last piece to assemble before the T-handle.  The thick plastic tube is not used with the 3 piece extension.
Position the handle to the center of the tool.  It tightens by turning it clockwise.  If you have an extension, the larger pipe fits over the handle.
We do not offer a set.
All squeegees and accessories are sold separate.
Each Squeegee comes with a comfort handle and a plastic edge cover.