Double Handles
16" from application edge as shown.  A T-Handle is required to use extensions as shown below.
Double handles come with a pair of short extensions (extends to 24" from application edge. A 2 piece set of extensions are available or can be ordered as a complete double handle set.   No tools needed to adjust the lengths. Mouse over the picture above to see the complete set.  The extensions are adjustable to 32", 54", 58", & 66" from the application edge.
T-Handle extensions come in a 2  piece set.  The extensions are adjustable to 24", 32', 54",58" & 66" overall length from application edge to the top of the T- Handle

Roll Holder

Comfort Handle
Comfort handles include a mounting plate as shown.  You can get extra mounting plates for cusomizing your tools here as well.  These are not necessary on plastic tools but are made available here if you should find a need for them.

Fits all lengths of squeegees.  Just use the bars that will make up the length up to 64".  The picture is for aluminum tools.  Those for Plastic tools will have a different mounting plate.
Wool Felt is for aluminum laminators only.  A protective cover is required for installation.

60 inch felt tape will fit both plastic and aluminum laminator tools.

Protective cover is provided with each new squeegee.  They are offered here as replacements for damaged or lost covers
Soft tip fits on the edge of aluminum tools to get more flexibility and smoother applications. Designed for floor graphics.

Soft Edge application cover

Bar set for joining 2 tools together
For use with Aluminum tools.
Assemble as shown above.  Use a straight edge across the back of the tools to align before final tightening of the set screws.
The links have a standard1/4-20 thread in them so they can be used to attach other things that you may think of that may benefit in an install of vinyl products.  A key ring or belt clip could be attached to the tool so it can attach to your tool belt.  The comfort handle also has a 1/4-20 tapped hole in the plate.
LNK set and backing take up kit

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Note that the above photo shows the shortest tube of 8".  The 8" has been discontinued and replaced with a 16" tube.  The extension consists of 2 pieces of 24" tube.  A  24" tube can replace the 16" to make a 32" used by itself
T-Handlle Mount
Makes a T-handle easy to transfer from tool to another without any tools.  A Phillips Screw driver is requied to perform the initial mounting.
Double-Handlle Mount Pair
Makes a Double-handle easy to transfer from one tool to another without any tools.  A Phillips Screw driver is requied to perform the initial mounting.
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