The Big Squeegee saves my bacon everyday. I do hundreds of 4'x8' prints by myself a month. It is recommended by Dale to use two people but I have it down pat by myself and I have no problems. I have 3 Laminators in the shop and still grab the Squeegee first to lay down a print. When it comes to little stuff ANYONE in the shop can lay them down with the Yard Sign Tool.
Low cost, efficient and simple.

Masking is not necessary for mounting prints.

Mount all types of pressure sensitive vinyl dry without bubbles or wrinkles.

Apply bubble and wrinkle free application tape and masking.  Saves time and materials.

So easy to learn how to use that even the newest member of your crew can mount professional looking graphics.

Many styles and sizes to chose from to fit your vinyl application needs.

Portability for use at job site.  Easily stores out of the way when not in use.

Good companion tool to use with roll laminators.  Reduce waste from changing rolls between jobs.

Most small jobs can be done faster than with a powered laminator.

Distributed worldwide.

Making simple vinyl application tools to make your vinyl applications simply easy.

Note:  "Big Squeegee" is the brand name for all of the tools we make.  Please check out the description of the tool you are interested in for details of what it can do.  Some of the tools do everything.  Others will lack the ability to mask with paper masking or hold a roll on the table.  Please use the information in this web site for making purchasing decisions.

OMG!! We just got 2 sizes of the Big Squeegee and I can't believe the world of difference it makes in labor!! It's soooo easy to use I got it right first time and every time after!! These things will pay for themselves in the first few days!! FINALLY, SOMEBODY BUILT A BETTER MOUSETRAP!!
Thank you, Dale!!

Lawton, Oklahoma
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ABSOLUTELY LOVE MINE! have the big squeegee and the cradle.  GypsyGraphics
Love Mine and use it quite often! It's a must have for any shop. HeathSignCompany
Love my 56" & I have a couple 26 inchers...  An absolute must have!   mainframe
I just use mine for mounting laminated prints. Wednesday night I mounted fourteen 48" x 120" prints in about three hours with it, by myself. That time included the time it took to put the panels on the table, align the print, mount it, and trim them.

Before we got our big squeegee that job would have taken AT LEAST a solid day.

We've also got two of the yard sign tools that are used constantly.

The Big Squeegee is a pretty cheap investment for what we get out of it.  Pat Whatley
Use mine MORE than the laminator on stuff under 4' long for laminating. Use it all the time for applying stuff! LOVE IT  Mosh
we use our 38" for both lamination and mounting. I like it so much that we put our seal image 410 into storage.  CropMarks
It's all I use in my home based shop to laminate prints and mount signs and it's WONDERFUL.  john1
I have 12 of them. All different tools for different tasks. I mount prints all day long everyday and it's the most used tool in my shop. I don't hardly cut ANYTHING anymore, it's all just mounted w/ the big squeegee. Never hardly buy transfer tape anymore, or waste as much time weeding. Kraig Snowden
We spent the first two years trying to figure out how to apply vinyl without (almost) any bubbles and wrinkles. The biggest success story we can remember is when we bought Dale's "Big Squeegee" (38, 50) and started getting almost perfect results. He's not only a great guy, but his product has saved many of us thousands of hours!  Chris

We have and use 2 of the larger ones and 1 of the "yard sign" one's. Never made a yard sign with it, but put plenty of application tape down with it. On the larger ones, they have paid for themselves easily. When you don't print and have to pay for the prints, it doesn't take but one 4' x 8' print screwed up to pay for it. I don't want to tell you all the "creative" ways we applied things (or how many people it took) prior to the BS. Now, we just line the print up, push the thing down the substrate, and it's done.  LOVE the things. CESO2O

I just wanted to shout it to the world that the Big Squeegee is a career saver. After having Carpal Tunnel Surgery on both wrists this year I was thinking that I would have to give up my sign business and concentrate on the Quarter Midget parts business. Brad

I bought a 26" to start, and just bought a 38" one because they work so well. I was ready to order a $1200 laminator but thought I would try the Big Squeegee first, since it was a lot cheaper ... For the work I do the Big Squeegee did everything I would have used the laminator for. Allen

I love my BS! It saves bunches of time applying adhesive vinyl prints to posters and coro blanks....and the lamination too.
I've used it for large pieces on cut vinyl banners too instead of
transfer paper.  Clear Choice

I'm now a BIG FAN! Got my big squeegee a couple of weeks ago
we did a few lam jobs with it, concerned with the 3m backing but it worked out.  But I got it for a returning job we get every couple of weeks:
30 2'x4' coro full cover
10 3'x3' coro full cover
we used to mask and lay down each piece individually. Now we butt them up next to each other and only trim one side.  Each order saves us somewhere around $100 in transfer tape. And has shaved off at least 4-5 hours off of each set. With time and materials we are saving at least $400 on a already very profitable recurring order.
I can't believe we have done this long without one. The Sign Guy O'Fallon, MO
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Big Squeegee